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Q: Why should I enroll with the Food Program?

You and the children in your care both benefit! The children eat nutritious meals and snacks in a healthy environment. You receive monetary reimbursement for serving those nutritious meals and snacks. In addition you get nutrition education and training each year that can be applied for IdahoSTARS PDS credit and toward your annual license training requirements.

Q: Why should I choose Nutrition Works as my Idaho Food Program sponsor?

Nutrition Works has been an Idaho Food Program sponsor for over 25 years. Our staff is experienced in child care, early education, business, and/or nutrition and are here to support you by answering your questions and concerns about the Food Program. Some of us have been in your shoes running child care sites while participating in the Food Program! Along with our experienced team, we’ll provide you with resources throughout the year—newsletters, technical assistance during site visits, and training. Other resources providers have received include cookbooks, child-sized cups and pitchers, nutrition-related games, toys, and storybooks,  nutrition education curriculums, measuring cups, books, and more. We are here to help you succeed!