| feel that participating in the food program gives each child at our facility an advantage of healthy brain development and growth. Being able to offer such wonderful, planned out, healthy prepared meals really means a lot to me. | want the best care for our children and healthy meals are a huge part.

Tina, NW Food Program Participating Center Owner

The Food Program means a lot to my center and families. It gives the parents comfort knowing their kids are eating well and being served healthier choices.

Andrea, a NW child care provider

Participation assures | keep up to date with nutrition standards. In many cases, the meals served at child care are the most nutritious meals children receive so it is critical that they get good nutrition to help them stay healthy and develop well. It is also an avenue to introduce different foods that they may never experience at home. The food allowance stipend allows me to purchase and prepare nutritious, mostly home-cooked meals. Without this allowance, | am certain that meals | could personally budget to serve the number of children | care for would be significantly less on the nutrition scale. The stipend also allows me to keep my fees lower so without it, everyone loses.

Kathy, a NW child care provider

Reimbursement is a blessing. Feeding nutritious meals and snacks is what I want to do.

Nutrition Works Food Program participantTanya, NW Provider

I have participated in the food program for over 20 years. I have really enjoyed all of the education and financial assistance that I have received over the years. I know that the nutritional foods and nutrition education I provide to the families would not be as good without your assistance.

Nutrition Works Food Program participantTerri, Child Care Provider

The Food Program and Nutrition Works has made such a difference in my center.  Providing healthy meals that include fresh fruit and vegetables is fun and gives me a chance to expose children to new tastes.

Nutrition Works Food Program participantBrittney, Child Care Center Owner

Early childcare is such a vital time in child’s life. The Food Program helps me nourish children and receive financial assistance to do so.  As a provider, I’m grateful for the extra funding support that helps me help my families!

Nutrition Works Food Program participantAmy, NW Provider

The kids eat much healthier and are often introduced to foods they don’t get at home.

Nutrition Works Food Program participantNutrition Works Food Program participant

It has allowed us to feed more nutritious meals daily without having to worry about a bottom line. It has given us freedom to serve better.

Nutrition Works Food Program participantTrista, Child Care Center Director

I love it!!! I have learned so much and have changed the way I feed the children in my care. They eat healthier as much of what I make is homemade. Parents come and ask how I fix a particular meal as their child wants it at home too.

Nutrition Works Food Program participantNutrition Works Food Program participant